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I'm Jude a visual artist from Belfast and I've been part of Creative Exchange since 2019.


I take inspiration from the landscape of home and memories of my travels throughout the captivating countryside of Ireland.I’m excited by merging traditional watercolour techniques with my more contemporary style of mark making and stitch creating an interesting juxtaposition. I love the challenge of creating a balance out of the contrast.


The impression of a moment in time captured by the soft application of paint, hazy like the memories, with machine and hand embroidery bringing gentle details and a sense of peace and tranquillity. My aim is producing work that the viewer can identify with and that can stir a calming emotion bringing a restfulness and quietude.

I now have a wide variety of prints and originals in galleries and shops in Northern Ireland as well as online. You can contact me and visit me here in my studio at Creative Exchange in Belfast or keep an eye on social media for up and coming exhibitions.

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